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“I highly recommend Triangle ABA! They are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and exactly what my family needed. The team is exceptional”.

– Former Parent of Child at Triangle ABA

ABA Clinic Day Program Centered on Progress

Our clinic’s ABA day program is focused on delivering measurable progress for your child.

This program combines individualized instruction with opportunities to practice social skills in a group setting.

Your child will receive dedicated attention from a skilled clinician while also being exposed to the structure and social interactions of a group setting.

This approach is effective in helping children develop the skills they need to thrive in various settings.

Insurance Accepted at Triangle ABA

100% Clinician Run Organization

Triangle ABA is completely clinician-owned and operated. That means certified BCBAs and other wellness providers are continuously leading every step of the way.

Program Features

Exciting & Dynamic

Personalized Plans

School Preparedness

Fun, Focused, and Tailored for Academic Success

Exciting & Dynamic Program

At Triangle ABA, each day brings new opportunities for growth and development.

Our dynamic and tailored approach to ABA ensures that every child’s unique needs are met through various rotating activities and stimulating environments.

Your child will not only stay engaged and entertained, but also acquire valuable skills that will positively impact their life.

Personalized Plans

We customize each child’s program to align with their specific strengths and needs, setting them on the path to success.

Our team of experts works together to create an environment that promotes socialization, play, and learning in a natural setting, all while providing close supervision and support to help every child reach their full potential.

School Preparedness

We focus on providing children with the necessary tools to excel in a group setting.

Our school readiness program is designed to equip children with the skills they need to transition seamlessly into a traditional school setting.

These include choral responding, active participation in group instruction, effective communication, and social interaction with peers.

By fostering a fun and engaging environment, children will be able to develop important skills while building friendships and learning to work with others.

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