Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Our ABA Services

At Triangle ABA, we unlock your child’s potential by harnessing the power of behavior analysis to teach new skills that lead to increased social interactions and improved communication for life-changing results.

How ABA Therapy Works

Our highly trained behavior therapists work with your child for 15 hours or more each week under the guidance of a Behavior Analyst who designs and oversees the program.

These evidence-based programs are tailored to meet your child’s specific needs, focusing on building crucial skills such as communication, learner readiness, self-help, executive functioning, and social and play skills.

Learning these skills are essential for your child’s overall development and success as they age and grow. 

Every child is unique and has specific needs and deficits. After getting to know you and your child, we'll work with you to create a personalized ABA therapy program specifically tailored to their needs.

Our recommendations are not based on convenience but on what is best for your child’s progress.

It's our goal to provide the best environment for your child to thrive in. Our behavior therapists work closely with you and your family to ensure that have the skills and strategies needed to support your child’s progress even after therapy ends.

About ABA at Triangle

Many parents believe that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is only about eliminating problem behaviors.

At Triangle ABA, we take a different approach.

We use ABA to teach new behaviors that lead to a more meaningful life and increased social interactions.

Our evidence-based approach is rooted in verbal behavior and relational frame theory, which helps children with autism respond to their environment and optimize learning opportunities.

With our expertise, we empower children to reach their full potential.

Empower Your Child’s Growth with Intensive ABA Services: 15+ Hours of Fun, Targeted Learning for Lasting Results

We believe in providing a minimum of 15 hours per week of ABA therapy as recommended by board standards.

This allows us to make a clinically significant difference in your child’s development.

But we don’t just focus on therapy; we want your child to enjoy their time at Triangle ABA.

Our goal is for your child to look forward to coming to our center, and we see this reflected in how they run into our building with excitement.

We understand that cramming learning into a short time can be overwhelming and ineffective for children.

That’s why we provide ample time for play and breaks, making sure that the majority of their experience is enjoyable and they barely even realize they are working.

This approach allows for a significant period of engagement in learning, leading to meaningful change in your child’s development.

Empowering Children with Autism and Developmental Delays to Reach Their Full Potential with Our Expertise in ABA Services

We understand the unique challenges children with autism and developmental delays and their families face.

Many of the children we work with struggle with communication, and we know that parents often feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of online information and options.

That’s why we specialize in providing evidence-based ABA services tailored to meet the specific needs of each child and family.

Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way and empower your child to reach their full potential.

What our kids have in common is that they need new skills & behaviors that lead to a more meaningful life:

• Overcoming self injurious and dangerous behaviors

• Learning to communicate their needs.

Making friends

• Interact meaningfully with the child and connect as a parent with your child

• Learning new skills to help with sleeping & eating

• Language development and communication skills

• Imitation

• Joint attention skills

• Fine and gross motor skills

• Self care skills

• Social skills

• Play skills

At Triangle ABA, we firmly believe in fostering strong partnerships with families to enhance the quality of care we provide. Recognizing the importance of effective communication in ABA therapy, we are committed to working closely with families to identify and secure suitable translators for all our clients. By actively engaging with families to locate appropriate translators, we uphold our dedication to comprehensive and accessible care for all.

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