We Accept Referrals for Childhood Autism

Whether you’re a pediatrics office, school nurse or counselor, or need autism support in the Raleigh area for friends or family, we can help!

Autism Support in Raleigh, NC

Triangle ABA is a leading provider of autism support for children in the Raleigh, NC, and surrounding Triangle area. We tailor our approach using custom Applied Behavior Analysis – known as ABA therapy – to help children on the autism spectrum become the very best versions of themselves. 

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Why Triangle ABA?

Clinician Owned and Operated

We don't serve corporate interests—just our patients! We're one of the only clinician-owned and operated offices in Raleigh, NC.

Low Staff Turnover Rates

We have a 300% lower staff turnover rate than other local offices, ensuring children receive consistent, quality care.

We Accept Leading Insurance

We accept many leading insurances, including Aetna, Alliance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sandhill, Medicare, and more!

Flexible In-Home or Clinic Options

We can provide care at our Raleigh-based clinic or through in-home support options for those who need it.

Translator Support Available

We work with children from many diverse backgrounds and can provide a translator to help ensure success!

Data-Driven and Progress-Oriented

Our approach to ABA therapy is driven by data and built to ensure children are making progress in a fun and caring environment.

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